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SDL Trados Seminar in Mexico City

Come join us in our first seminar for SDL Trados Studio 2009. If you are interested just email us at or at
We will post the review, pictures, and more.
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Back from Gala Review episode 1

Long time no see everyone. So we are finally back from the Gala conference at Cancun and I have to say I was very impressed by the quality of the event. Everything was really good, from the conferences to the informal chats and the fun. This Gala conference is an all embracing event where you learn, get updated and build a rather interesting business network. The setting was almost unbeatable, Cancun is one of my favorite places around the world and the JW Marriot is a great hotel. 

The help and assistance from the Gala team was outstanding, while the food was very very good -and I mention this because it rarely happens in this kind of events-. The food was something we could describe as gently Mexican in some cases and Mexican-Eastern fusion cuisine in others, but great at all times. 

Having praise enough the setting and organization I think I will start by mentioning some of the persons and companies I found to be very interesting. 

I'm a gentleman, so women first. When I arrived and registered got a useful bag courtesy of text & form (a company we will speak about later) in which we had some information and advertising. A piece of information that caught my eye right away was the flier for the Northern California Women in Localization.

This organization claims to be aimed at "...wanting to create a place to help women achieve equality in the workplace by mentoring, networking and supporting each other.", which I find a very interesting and refreshing way to work. The organization is leaded by a very interesting team of highly experienced women, Silvia Campos, Sr. Manager of Localization at VeriSign, Eva Klaudinyova, Localization Manager at VMware, and Anna N Schlegel, Director, Localization at Acclaro. 


Anna N Schlegel


Silvia Campos


Eva Klaudinyova

I think it would be very interesting for all women translators to follow and join this group, while they might let a couple of us join them sometime! 

Keep coming back because I have more than ten episodes of this review to come.